ONEighty Athletics

We have recently invested in a new program called ONEighty Athletics.  This is a 12-week, off-season program that is designed to improve our athletes’ speed, agility, quickness, and strength; therefore, also helping to address injury prevention.  The workout is clearly illustrated and easy to understand.  Each exercise is linked to a video demonstrating proper form and technique.  

Student-athletes have a choice of a 3-day per week program or a 4-day per week program.  Each day begins with 15-20 minutes of SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) drills that can be done in a gym or even outdoors.  The last part of the workout is completed in the weight room.  

We had a group meeting where students were shown how to use the program and access the links to watch how the exercises are done properly.  Mrs. Loutzenhiser encourages all athletes to work out with a partner or in groups to stay consistent, accountable and also safe! 

These workouts are easily modified to meet the needs of each athlete or person seeking strengthening conditioning.  The main goal in implementing this new program is to give our athletes the access they need to high-quality programs that will give them SAQ and confidence to improve their athletic potential. 

 All coaches and athletes will be receiving the links to access the program.  It is okay for parents to jump on board and use the program as well!  If you or your student are in need of the link to this program, please contact Mrs. Loutzenhiser at