Rachel McCaffrey

Rachel LeAnne McCaffrey

Nickname:  Rachelle


  • Animal:  Artic Fox, Cat
  • Book:  Fablehaven
  • Class:  Art and Music
  • Color:  Red
  • Food:  Orange Chicken with Fried Rice
  • Movie:  Wall-e
  • Music Group/Band:  Siames
  • People:  my family and friends
  • Saying:  "You do you and I'll do me, and we'll all get along."
  • Song:  "Firestorm" by Siames
  • Sport:  Baseball
  • Teacher:  All of them!
  • TV Show:  Corner Gas

What do you fear the most?  Spiders.

Pet Peeve:  crumpled paper, yellow cars

Hobbies:  Art and Gardening.

Most memorable moment in high school:  Senior Homecoming float building

What do you want to be remembered for?  Remember me for being me!

Most dreaded phrase:  "it's due tomorrow" (and gives us a stack of papers)

Most embarrassing moment:  I slid down a wet slide.

Future Plans:  To own a business.