Senior Spotlight:  Megan Payne


  • Actress:  Anne Hathaway
  • Animal:  Iguana
  • Book:  Where the Crawdads Sing, Delia Twens
  • Class:  Early Childhood Education
  • Color:  Hot Pink
  • Food:  Sushi or Lasagna
  • Movie:  The Deveil Wears Prada
  • Music Group/Band:  Taylor Swift or Mac Miller
  • People:  the Sophomores and Kenzie Schulte
  • Saying:  "# retweet"
  • Song:  "See You Again" by Tyler, the Creator
  • Sport:  Volleyball
  • Teacher:  Mrs. Koehn, Mrs. Huelskamp, Mr. Huelskamp
  • TV Show:  New Girl, Super Girls and Orange is the New Black

What do you fear the most?  Heights or big bodies of water

Pet Peeve:  annoying noises

Hobbies:  Playing Hay Day.

Most memorable moment in high school:  The one time during volleyball when Madi "paralyzed" her leg and then her back.

What do you want to be remembered for?  Being funny on occasion and having the most fun at school dances!

Most dreaded phrase:  "Come to my office" or "I have a question for you."

Future Plans:  Earn a Bachelors in Early Childhood Education and a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy so I can do both some day.