Parents & Families,

Arriba-Flagler Preschool registration 2023-24 will look quite different as the state of Colorado launches UPK (Universal Preschool Colorado).  UPK enrollment opened January 17, 2023 and is ongoing.  We are here to help you through the process.  Please stop by the school or call Mrs. Katie Koehn with any questions at 719-765-4684 (school) or 719-342-3989 (cell).  You may also reach out to her by email, kkoehn@af20.net.

Items necessary to complete your UPK application include:

  1.   Proof of income  
    1.   (paycheck stub or pay envelope; letter from employer stating gross wages and how often you are paid; or, if you work for yourself, business or farming papers, such as ledger or tax books; 
    2.   statement of social security, pension or retirement benefits; 
    3.   notice of eligibility from state unemployment, disability or workmen's compensation statement;
    4.   benefit letter from Colorado Human Services if you receive TANF payments;
    5.   if you receive:  child support or alimony (court decree, agreement or copies of checks received);
    6.   letter or rental contract showing that your housing is part of the Military Privatized Housing Initiative;
    7.   for all other income (such as rental income):  information that shows the amount of the income, name of the person who received the income, the date it was received, and how often it was received;
    8.   If you do not have income, you can include a brief note explaining how you provide food, clothing, and housing for your household, and when you expect an income.
  2.   Child's Birth Certificate
  3.   Proof of Address

Apply here:  https://upk.colorado.gov/

What are the qualifying factors?

  • A household income of less than 270% of the 2023 Federal Poverty Guidelines, when you go to apply, the application will walk you through your household size and tell you what 270% means for your family in terms of dollars.  As an example, for a family of four it will be $74,925.
  • If your income is lower than 270%, you will need to provide proof of your family's income, there are many ways you will be able to do this and you can review the list above.
  • Your child has an Individualized Education Plan also known as an IEP.
  • Your child is a dual language learner and the primary language spoken in the home is not English.
  • Your child is currently in the custody of a state supervised and county administered foster care home.
  • Your child identifies as homeless or lacking an adequte nighttime residence.

How do you find a Preschool Provider?

Go to https://upk.colorado.gov/ and you will be able to search what providers are available based on where you live and where you work.  During the application you will be able to select your top five providers and rank them.  All types of providers will be in the system from school districts to child-care centers to licensed home facilities.  You will be asked if your child is already enrolled at a provider, has a sibling in a provider's care or if a parent is employed by the provider - if any of these are true, you will receive priority to match with that provider.