Healthy School Meals for All

Arriba-Flagler School District C20 is participating in the Healthy School Meals for All program! Approved by Colorado voters, the new program enables districts to offer free meals to all students.

Important Reminders for Families

Just like in previous years, families should continue to provide their household income information by completing the Free & Reduced Meal Application. While meals will be provided for free to all Arriba-Flagler School District C20 students through Healthy School Meals for All, it's important for us to continue gathering this information in order to receive full access to available federal funding.

By providing this information, you will be supporting our district in accessing additional federal funds that will go directly to our schools to help cover the cost of meals, as well as after school programs and other nutritional programs for students. Plus, families who qualify may receive discounted school fees, class materials, bus passes, utilities support and more!

Family Information is Always Confidential

All household income information provided is strictly confidential and protected by law. Only one form is required for all children in the household. Immigration, migrant, citizenship or refugee status is not required when completing the form.


If you have questions or would like support completing the Free & Reduced Meal Application, please reach out to your school's nutrition department or Jan Schifferns, Main Office (