Imagination Library


                           For kids from birth-age 5

Kit Carson and Lincoln County have recently been added to receive this program. 

The mission of the Imagination Library of Colorado is to increase literacy by ensuring all young children across the state may participate in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. 

Our goal is to provide support to current affiliates and launch new affiliates so all children in Colorado have access. 

We know that reading begins at birth, that the benefits of a home library go far beyond the books, and that parents and guardians are a child’s first and best teacher. By providing books every month at no cost to families, the Imagination Library increases childhood literacy rates, fosters a love of books, and promotes a culture of reading among all families in Colorado.

  • Imagination Library books are specially selected age-appropriate, high-quality titles.
  • Our books are delivered to registered children each month from birth to age five.
  • Each book is personalized with the child’s name and mailed directly to the child’s home.
  • This creates a gifting experience, making books exciting, showing the child someone is thinking of them. 

Share this with families in your communities, friends with young kids, or sign up your own young kids for free!  Click on the link and select enroll:   Imagination Library